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Well, last night while we were gone, Lita broke her and Tasha out and Tash decided it would be a good idea to eat most of a bag of Halls Cherry Cough Drops. Tasha was WRONG! At least they weren't the sugar free kind, as xylitol is highly toxic to dogs. (something I actually just found out recently when reading all of the posters on the wall at the vet)

Fortunately the regular ones aren't exactly toxic.. unfortunately they are irritating to the gastrointestinal lining and cough COPIOUS amounts of vomiting. :p And probably diarrhea if it anything makes it through her digestive system. One call to the National Animal Poison Control Center (who are FREAKING AWESOME! Yay ASPCA!) and they said to give her some Mylanta or Maalox and just try to get her to stop throwing up. :( Poor doggy.

So, now we are on puke watch. Apparently my dear husky either feels that she doesn't get enough attention and so decided to start injuring herself, or she has a death wish and just isn't very good at following through with her suicide attempts. Either way I am in danger of going bald from pulling all of my hair out.. ugh.. I need a drink.


Stupid people make my brain hurt. Just had to say that. Have to get up in 5 hours so I can take Tasha to the vet. She hurt herself on the stairs and her ribs are really sore. And I am sore from shoveling the pathetic amount of snow we had, which says I need to GET MY FAT ASS TO THE GYM. So, that is my goal for the next month, start a regular work out plan. I'm tired, though. Going to bed now. Only an hour and a half past when I wanted to, better than normal.


Quick post

I'm not dead. I have a job. And I like it. Yay! Oh, and we're moving, this month. To Pleasant Ridge. (which is basically Royal Oak) Tammy = Happy

(Hopefully I can find time between calls at work to blog.. ha!)


Okay... everyone else on the planet has probably already seen this.. but I'm posting this anyway.


Kittens.. so cute and deadly looting and pillaging. I like the pudgy white one. Going to bed now.


Wow.. I really really suck at this blog thing, don't I? Well, I have a few posts on my myspace page, but I have been neglecting this thing for over a year. :D And now I am tired from staying up all night and have to go work out in a few hours and can't think of anything important to say, and yet, here I am saying things anyway. Have not been up to much. I think I'm depressed/stuck in a rut sort of thing. I have a job interview next Friday, though, to work in a tack shop and I am TOTALLY geeked beyond belief about it. Talking about horses and horse stuff all day? Going to horse shows for work? Helping maintain a website for horse stuff and ship out horse stuff? And hanging out with horse people? And getting PAID for it? Sounds pretty rockin' to me. Wish me luck, whoever might be reading this.

The hooved beasties are doing pretty good. Been working Ariesa on the lunge line and she is getting in pretty good shape. Have also been putting weight on her back again and she is handling it pretty well. We had a bit of an incident last September (which was my fault) and I have been too freaked out to get on her since, because I am a giant chickenshit wimp. sigh..

I tried putting her in training, but the lady basically ignored EVERYthing I told her about the horse (because, Lord knows, I couldn't possibly know anything about a fucking horse I've had since it was a baby) and there was another... incident. It was the third time they worked her and I think she got sick of the girl being all up in mouth jerking on her and she ran backwards, reared and fell over. (She did NOT flip over backward, she lost her balance and fell over sideways when the girl on her back started falling off and pulled her over with her.) So, no more of that trainer lady. I think I will get better results on my own.

So, I have been starting back at the beginning, (Nancy has been assisting some, too) trying to build up her back end so she doesn't fall over and building up her confidence. She has been doing really really well and stands like a good girl at the mounting block and lets me put my foot in the stirrup and lean over her back with all of my weight again. (After the incident with the "trainer", she wouldn't tolerate any of this and got REALLY nervous and tried to take off, so it is a big improvement) She now knows again that she isn't going to get hurt and that it's just me.

My goal is to get her accepting a rider on her back again and then find someone who I trust to train her. They would have to be willing to do lots of groundwork and earn her trust before trying to get on her, though. She needs to know and trust her handler and I think that was the major problem with the other trainer lady. That, and she has never worked with a horse with a brain quite like Ari's before. I still firmly believe she is going to be an AWESOME horse once I get her going. Unfortunately, she is VERY sensitive to my moods and if I get nervous, she gets nervous, which makes me more nervous and it turns into a big ugly circular melt down avalanche sort of thing which results in BADness. She is also getting more mature mentally, which helps quite a bit. We shall see. I won't get myself killed over this, though. It's not worth it. She's not a bad horse, though, so I'm sure things will be okay.

Ziggy is doing good. I would like to see a bit more weight on him, but I think that is more muscling than needing to be "fattened up". He hasn't been getting ridden as much since Denise died... which was very tragic and sad. Sigh.. and a reminder that horses are very large and potentially dangerous animals. She was at her place handling a horse she was thinking about buying when apparently something happened (no reliable witnesses, just a young neighbor girl and it is unclear whether she was actually in the barn when it happened) and the result was that Denise was kicked in the head and possible elsewhere and went into the hospital, remained in a coma for a little over a week and then died. It sucked so much I really have no words for it... Nancy now has Doc (one of Denise's horses) and he is a pampered and treasured love and living memory of her.

And well.. I need to go take a nap. Mark has an MRI at 8am, so we have to leave at like 6:30, so I can probably sleep for an hour and then have to get up and take a shower, since I am meeting Cathy at the gym at 11am. But, I lay in bed most of the day yesterday 'cause I had a BRUTAL fucking migraine all day (which is still lingering, but has mostly gone), so I should be perfectly fine. I don't even feel tired, if truth be told. :p

Love to you all and hope everyone is having the most fun. =~_^= Lagwagon and MXPX next Friday! Woohoo!

Yay, spring!

So, it's finally not freezing outside. And of course, I had a damn headache all day, so I didn't do a damned thing, although my dad did drive out to visit, so that was kind of cool.

Haven't been posting, because I haven't been doing anything. I need a life, ugh. Work at the barn, try to work the horses (Ariesa is doing REALLY well, at least), and do the Hold 'em thing once a month. Other than that haven't been doing shit. I suck. Have tickets to go see Keane next month, though, which I am TOTALLY geeked about, since the last concert got cancelled. Glad that Tom is doing better.

Had an interesting ride on Ziggy Thursday which I am still sore from... rode him for two hours trying to get him to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN... he just wanted to trot like a bat out of hell, so we did lots of circle/figure eight/serpentine work. And lots of cantering. Nancy thinks he was a little high from all the grass, which is a strong possibility. I think he also just wanted to go to sleep. :) Oh well. The cantering was awesome.. the trot work kinda sucked, but what can ya do? He was perfect Friday, though.

Have been reading a bit lately.. Re-reading Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey and also The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper. (on the third book) I have some other new stuff sitting waiting to be read also.

Need to go to bed so I can get up and watch the lessons with Albert tomorrow morning. And then ride my own beasties. :) And trying to write an entry while watching South Park is virtually impossible... this show is fucked up.. lol

Here's a couple pics Mark took of Ariesa in the pasture on March 10th...
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Tammy has a job again! Jack at the barn quit last Thursday and Nancy called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to work there, so I said yes. :) It's about the same money as I was making at Costco, so that's awesome (and it will more than pay my monthly board!) and I get to see my horsies every day and get paid for it. :) I'm sure I will get my riding in now at least.

Her barn is SO easy to clean. You just pick the big poos and the wet spot out and then use the shaker on the rest of the bedding. (Just shovel it in and it shakes it out for you and all the rest of the poos and little bits get shaken into a muck bucket) And there are only 20 horses right now, so that's cool. And the aisles are cement and she has a blower, so sweeping is easy too.

So, I officially start next Monday, but the woman who was working for her this week called off this morning (she is a substitute teacher and had to do that today) so I am off to work as soon as I finish my oatmeal. Also have a teeth cleaning appointment today. (ugh) And I have to work out. So, I am busy again! Woohoo!

blabbity blah...

Mark is in the shower getting ready for work. I have not been able to sleep all night.. ahhhhhhhhhhh... I hate that! So, I gave up trying to come play on LJ for a little while. Then I will go try to take a nap, and then go see my babies. Then I have to go work out this afternoon.

Mark promised to go with me! I can't do my bench presses without a spotter, so I told him I need him. I hate using machines anymore, I have gotten used to free weights. I always feel like I used my muscles more when I do free weights than if I use the machines. It's weird. I don't know if it's mental or not, but I like it better that way. :) I need to do lunges too. :p Tania argued with me on Saturday about whether lunges on a "lunge machine" are as good as real lunges. I told her to do real lunges. She said they're too hard. THAT IS THE POINT!

Have my first workout with Beth (new PT) scheduled for Friday at noon. I'm a little bit nervous. Hopefully everything is cool. My mom is on vacation for a week starting Friday, so I promised I would come and see her this coming week. And Mark's birthday is Friday, so I have to think of something for a present. AND, there is a dumb poker party on Friday that I said I would go to with him. Ugh. And his parents want us to come out again next weekend.

We were out there today for "Oktoberfest/Last-time-to-visit Day". (They are leaving for Florida early this year) So, got to see my newest nephew West (yes, West, that is not a typo), and Zach and Zoe. Zoe is now 3 and in a "stage" where if she doesn't get her way she tells you she doesn't like you, doesn't love you, is mad at you, etc, etc... and she and Zach both scream... a LOT. High pitched, ear piercing, brain bleeding, migraine inducing screams. Shriek actually might be a more accurate description. Sometimes for no reason, sometimes because something actually IS wrong. Which brings me to an interesting story...

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Anyway... We had dinner (which was awesome) watched football (Lions sucked, SHOCKER!) and then headed home. Went grocery shopping, fed the doggies, ate dinner while watching the rest of the Tiger game. I'm 11 points down in my fantasy football game... I have Eli Manning, Terry Glenn and Dallas' Defense going tonite. I was gonna play Atlanta's D, but Mark talked me out of it. They were worth 12 points, DAMNIT... I have a decent chance of winning though. Here's hoping. :)

Ah well. Not much else... went to the bar Friday. Had to drive Mark home. (Feeling sick, not getting enough sleep and drinking lots of beer are not a good idea, children.) Went to the bar Saturday. Sang karaoke. :) Going to go take a nappy now. Was gonna post a couple of my Ariesa pictures, but they're on my mini-cruzer and I don't know what Mark did with it.. grrrrr... Ah well, here's one when she was 4 months, because I'm feeling nostalgic. :) I'll post some newer ones tonite, I promise. :D

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Happy Monday! (Note, quick spellcheck... LJ does not know what an opthamologist is... it suggested epidemiologist instead. WTF??)

Ariesa is a good girl :)

Well, it is once again past my bedtime and I am posting. Heh. Worked with my baby girl today and she was super good. We didn't do much since I got to the barn late and Mark went with me, and it was COLD, so he didn't wanna stick around too long. (We were there about 2 hours, which I think he thought was too long.. lol) He was a good sport, though. I think being able to go in the heated observation room helped. :) He even put some treats in Ziggy's feed bin for him. He also bagged up supplements for me tonite, which I greatly appreciated. :) I have vowed to NOT let them run out again before I bring more out. Ugh. Equi-Omega RULES, though. Ariesa is ALREADY looking more shiny and she's only been on it a month. I think putting her on it right before her winter coat started coming in mighta hastened results a bit. Nancy even commented on shiny she is looking... and DARK!
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Tomorrow is my last workout with Lyndsay. She got a new job. :( So, I'm sad about that, because I really like her and we get along really well. She told me she still wants to come out sometime and see Ziggy and Ariesa. Lol. I guess my new trainer is this girl named Beth. Lyndsay said she's one of the top power lifters in the country or something. (Not that I know what that means.. lol) so, it should be interesting. If I don't like her, I can ask for a new trainer, but I have faith that Lyndsay would be a pretty good judge to fit me with someone. I'm supposed to meet Beth tomorrow so that we can set up our training time. We shall see. At least I don't think we're doing legs tomorrow because we did them last week. Chest and Biceps is my guess.. or chest and triceps... I'm sure it will be something interesting since it's our last week working out together. Laugh. My abs still hurt from Wednesday and I have to do my exercises before I go to bed. Heh.

Anyway... I need to get to bed and this went way too long. I need to start getting Ariesa under saddle for real, though. Two times is not gonna do it. Lol. At least I managed to find the balls to get on her at all, though. :) I want to take some new pictures of her this weekend and maybe some more video for Gabi to see. She is taking this years foals to the Horse Expo in Novi this November, so I will get to see her siblings again. :) I LOVE her full sister and Tasha's colt. I don't know which I love more, actually. Ah well... I think one Andalusian in the family is enough for now. (At least until I maybe breed Miss Ari. :) ) IALHA Nationals are this weekend.. sigh... one of these years I will get to go. Going to bed now.